A tavern like in the past: Restaurant Spangla in Sand in Taufers - Ahrntal

True alpine pleasure based on time-honoured flavours

Delicious food, pleasant chats and great company.

The food at the Spangla restaurant is as genuine and authentic as the rocky mountains all around. A taste of the Aurina Valley, the flavour of rural culture, a pinch of the main ridge of the Alps: over 50 products at our restaurant in the Aurina Valley come directly from the farms, fields and trees in the local area; most of our dishes are homemade.

the cooks tell …

Nowhere else is there a working environment as large as the kitchen: we have just started to scrape the surface, the possibilities are virtually endless! Nature presents her gifts to us on a silver plate - a great variety of spicy herbs, flowers, tasty roots and more, to make every dish extra delicious.


Everything is good at Spangla

Lunch: from 12:00 to 02:00 p.m.| Bar:from 08:30 a.m.
Reservations are recommended!

  • à la carte menu with many different dishes and daily specials*
  • surprise menu (3-course menu and 4-course menu)
  • weekly changing menu

  • saturday home cooking "Saturday barley with Krapfen and Tirtlan"


Culinary experiences:
dinner in the Stube

Dinner: from 6:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.
Reservations are recommended!

The doors of our Spangla restaurant in the Aurina Valley open at 6:00 p.m. Take a seat in our stylish dining room and welcoming Stube: almost a living room, a meeting place for locals and guests, with 400 years of history behind it. We are quite sure of this: guests felt at home here as far back as 1677.

  • à la carte menu and the chef's daily specials
  • surprise menu (3-course menu and 4-course menu)
  • special events in the cellar, including tastings of beer and wine, meat and sauces, etc.
  • list of carefully selected fine wines, from the best table wine to delicious Tuscan varieties
  • collaboration with small wineries
  • wines for sale at the Spangla
  • The restaurant is a public restaurant. Our half board costs 24,00 Euro per person, and includes one starter and one main course which can be chosen freely from our weekly changing menu. On Tuesdays our restaurant is closed, so half board is not possible on this evening.


The host Albert tells …

When I enter our Stube, I feel all the warmth and conviviality that my parents experienced at the Untermoarhof: everyone was welcome, regardless of name and social class. Spangla is a place where locals and guests can meet. Guests can sit at table with local people and take the spirit of our Aurina Valley home with them, and perhaps always return willingly for another pleasant chat (Ratscha or Ratschale = dialect for chat) over a good glass of wine.

Goodness at home

Whoever puts sustainability first becomes creative. And flexible.
Instead of exotic fruits, our guests' dishes are flavoured with varieties of fruit and vegetables of yesteryear, many of which have long been forgotten. We maintain personal contact with the producers: we care very much that the product is appreciated.

Directly from the garden

Freshness directly from the garden
Michael Steinhauser

More than 300 varieties of vegetables grow at the gates of Campo Tures. These range from classic vegetables to the rarest and oldest varieties. Michael tends the land in a 100% natural way, with mixed cultivation and respecting the plant community.

Joachim Aschbacher

If the meat is processed in our Spangla restaurant in the Aurina Valley, it is done thoroughly and with care.
We try to avoid any kind of waste and we do not use fine cuts, but we still ensure high quality of the meat. Some of the cattle comes from our farm in Selva di Fuori, which Joachim takes care of. In summer the animals are taken to the mountain pastures, where they can roam freely. Anyone interested can drop by the Untermoarhof to see the organic farm for themselves.


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