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The Chronicles of Spangla

When the modern age began, so did the history of the Spangla trattoria. Even then it was a popular meeting place and was frequented by peasants, artisans and servants, but also by officials and traders. The building itself, however, dates as far back as the fourteenth century, when the Aurina Valley was devoted entirely to the extraction of copper at the mines of Tures and Predoi.

Daniela & frank tell …

We have become a part of this historic building, we would like to pass the house down to the next generations as it is, and hopefully it will last another thousand years.


Travel back in time

New professions began to appear around the world, including that of the “Spengler”*, which gave rise to the genealogy of the “Spangler” family and the “Spanglwirt”. Towards the end of the sixteenth century, however, the art of the coppersmith suffered a rapid decline, and these smiths had to find a new occupation. The Spängler family branched out into the mule trade.
* crafting, processing or manufacturing of metal objects

Along the mule tracks on the passes of the Alps

Along the mule tracks on the passes of the Alps

The job of the mule trader was not an easy one, because the transport of goods on beasts of burden crossing the alpine pass of the Forcella del Picco and Passo dei Tauri (2,634 m) was very tiring and at the time it was only possible to do so with horses, mules or oxen. In this way it was possible to avoid taxes and high customs duties and organise the exchange of Salzburg salt, South Tyrolean wines, but also luxury goods such as silk and spices, creating at the same time a link between north and south.

First steps in the world of hospitality

The family therefore entered the hospitality sector and, around 1600, set up a trattoria, laying the foundations for the future. People started to break their journeys here for refreshment and some pleasant company, but also to do the occasional business. Eventually the hosts begin to build a reputation far beyond the country's borders on account of their lively business and good nose. Since the modern age, the trattoria has made a name for itself in the lucrative wine trade. The image of the grape in the heraldic coat of arms is a sign of its importance. Placed between two standing lions, it forms the logo of the Spängler Bank, but also that of the Spanglwirt in Campo Tures.

Smart decisions have taken the Spängler family a long way. And the Spangla? Today it is one of the oldest restaurants in the Aurina Valley and still a popular meeting point for people of all ages.

The host Albert tells …

I took over the hotel, which was about to be demolished, together with my children Verena and Georg, and in recent years I have painstakingly restored it with much love and care. Only local natural material and the best techniques have been used.

Historic Hotel

A façade with character

There is an air of nostalgia as you enter the house. Suddenly you feel transported back to the time when people came to Campo Tures by train and went to immerse themselves in the healing springs of Bad Winkel. Much has changed over time and, after loving restoration, the Spanglwirt has been turned into a hotel with unmistakable features, outside as well as in. The soul and historic charm can still be felt inside the house: in the stone walls with rustic vaults, in the handsome cellar, in the welcoming entrance area and in the Stube.

Made only with what the mountain gives

The host Albert devotes himself body and soul to the work of craftsmanship. He practises his profession with genuine joy and satisfaction. So it is no wonder the landlord himself has played a part: the doors, panelling and furnishings were all Albert's idea, as was the restoration of the original old furniture. The rest was done in collaboration with local craftspeople.


Everything flows.
Everything turns into something else.
Everything is firmly planted on the ground,
deeply rooted and yet free - like the mountain ranges all around.