Sand in Taufers: Trekking & skiing holiday in Valle Aurina / Ahrntal

Like in a fairy tale

The mediaeval Castle of Tures, standing in a dominating position on a rocky spur.
Behind it, there are over 80 "three thousand metre peaks" that draw many people who love the mountains.
All around: green woods, meadows, babbling streams and breathtaking views along the main ridge of the Alps. Time to explore and discover

Time for skiing and hiking in the Aurina Valley.

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Riva waterfalls

    Bad Winkel, Campo Tures  | 40 minutes on foot - 8 minutes by bus | Wasserfallbar & Toblhof hotel

The hike to the natural spectacle is particularly lovely in summer, because the place is shady and the climate is pleasantly cool. But even in late spring, when the snow has melted, an impressive sight can be seen when torrential water resounds in the Tobl Gorge. Following the beautiful meditative path of Saint Francis, along the Riva stream and across mountains and valleys and wooden stairways, you arrive in the middle of the woods and at the three Riva waterfalls. The water makes itself felt in all its power at the third waterfall, the largest, where a mist of spray provides a great display of power. You can return to the starting point on foot or via the FlyLine, floating slowly between one tree and the next on the way downstream.

Riva waterfalls
Lake Venga

Tips for families: Hike to Lake Venga

   Asco parking area | 10 minutes by car | 4 hrs Duration | 8 km | 870 hm

Lake Venga, 160 m in length, 90 m wide and 9 m deep, is truly a little gem. But, as we all know, size doesn't matter - the isolated body of water has something better to offer: a quiet, peaceful and idyllic setting. It is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in the middle of the woods. It is a magical place. Path no. 2 leads first to the Außerpeintner Alm hut then, following path no. 2A, you arrive at the lake.

Tures Castle

     Campo Tures | 18 minutes on foot - 5 minutes by car | Tavern

Arriving in the Aurina Valley, your gaze is inevitably drawn to the Tures Castle, with its thick stone walls, standing out on the “Klopf”, the great rocky spur above Campo Tures. The castle, built in the 13th century as a defensive structure, has beautiful rooms preserved in their original state which you can see on a guided tour. These include the library, the “Amtsstube” (office) with its stone pine wood panelling, the Knights' Room, the Armoury, the Judgement Room and the macabre Torture Chamber with its dungeons. Perhaps you will also meet the ghost of the castle …

Tures Castle
Plan de Corones ski area

Plan de Corones ski area

  Riscone - Brunico | 30 minutes by bus | 23 minutes by car

It is no coincidence that Plan de Corones is South Tyrol's No.1 ski resort: it offers much more than your standard skiing experience. You will find 119 km of slopes, 32 ski lifts, five "black runs", and slopes and lifts that connect to the Sellaronda. And you can go see the Concordia Peace Bell, or enjoy a bit of culture in the Messner Mountain Museum Corones and in the LUMEN, the new museum dedicated to mountain photography. And that's not all.

The ski mountaineering paradise

  Main ridge of the Alps | unlimited adventures on the snow
The host Albert tells …
„You can go on a ski mountaineering tour at approx. 3,000 metres, and ski down to the valley. It is a thrilling thing to do! But it doesn't end there, because you can then enjoy the evening together with the locals over a plate of speck in our Spangla Stube. Here you can always find company and have a good chat.“

P.S. As we are a member of Active Mountain hotels, our guests can participate for free or at a reduced price in the weekly winter programmes of ski mountaineering tours, snowshoe hikes and much more.

Cycling and mountain biking in the Aurina Valley

    Campo Tures and the entire Aurina Valley | cycling adventures without limits

The most beautiful trails and tours of the Tures and Aurina Valleys cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand, so we don't have the space to describe them all. But we still have some tips for you: tour to the Giogo della Valle Aurina; MTB tour on Monte Spicco; ride on the cycle path from Campo Tures to Brunico; the Klammlrundle; the trail to the Schönberg mountain hut; panoramic tour to Malga Tauern; tour of the Vedrette di Ries; and much more.

Mountain biking

Watch the sun rise at the top of the Sonnklar

   Base station of the Speikboden ski and hiking area (Monte Spicco) | 5 minutes by bus | 10 m Duration

It is worth getting up early: relax by taking a ride on the gondola and chairlift* to the top at 2,400 metres. Here there are several possibilities: admire the sunrise from the lookout tower, take a 10-minute walk to the Sonnklar Cross, or reach the Speikboden Cross in 30 minutes. Finally you can return to the Sonnklarhütte where breakfast awaits you.
*special times: in case of bad weather the climb can be cancelled at short notice; if necessary enquire at the local tourist office by 4 p.m. the day before. We will be happy to do this for you on request.

Ahrntal Skiworld

  Speikboden (Campo Tures) / Klausberg (Cadipietra) | 5 minutes by bus - 15 minutes by bus

76 km of slopes, 4 ski areas and great skiing for young and old - the Skiworld Ahrntal area consists of the Speikboden ski area, the Klausberg ski area, the two small ski lifts in Riva di Tures and Alpinwelt di Rio Bianco, and various attractions:

  • the Funtaklaus Snowpark and the Alpine Coaster Klausbergflitzer summer toboggan run (Klausberg), to name but a few
  • the observation tower at 2,400 m and the Family-Funpark (Speikboden/Monte Spicco), among others
  • two ski lifts and the longest high-altitude slope in the Alps (Riva di Tures)
  • a ski lift, ski slope and toboggan run (Rio Bianco), among others 

Cross-country skiing centre in Riva di Tures

  Riva di Tures  | 23 minutes by bus | 15 minutes by car

Located at 1,590 m, Riva di Tures is a particularly snowy area and is a paradise for cross-country skiers. At the cross-country ski centre, where courses are also held and equipment can be rented, you can go on a 15 km loop trail in the Riva Valley. The trail is formed of various routes for both classic skiing and skate skiing.

Lake Braies

     Braies | about 80 minutes by bus | 50 minutes by car

It is probably the most famous and most visited mountain lake in the Dolomites: Lake Braies. You have to see this wonderful lake at least once for its truly magical charm: its turquoise waters with emerald reflections, surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Dolomites and the imposing Croda del Becco, whose summit is a destination for many a keen climber. You can also walk around the lake (except in winter; only some parts are suitable for strollers) or explore it by rowboat (except in winter). We recommend visiting during the week and not in the high season.

Lake Braies

The Dolomites: UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site


What must you absolutely see in the Dolomites? First of all, of course, the famous Three Peaks, which you can walk all the way around or climb up, or admire from afar and from different perspectives. Is that all? Of course not! Other scenic attractions are: the Prato Piazza plateau, Lake Dobbiaco, the romantic Val Fiscalina, the view from the Croda del Becco and Monte Specie, and so much more that one holiday is probably not enough.

Tobogganing in Rio Bianco

  Rio Bianco | 23 minutes by bus | 15 minutes by car

4.5 km long, always covered in snow and packed with fun: the Tristenbach toboggan run in Rio Bianco is a destination not only for little ones who love the winter, but also for older ones! Walking from the Rio Bianco sports area for at least an hour, you reach the Marxegger hut or the Pircher hut. Here you can enjoy some refreshment, admire the snowy winter landscape and rent a sled. Three, two, one, go!

Sellaronda Skitour


It ranks among the top ski mountaineering tours and it is not for nothing that it is called "spectacular" and "unique". The Sellaronda is in fact a circular tour around the Sella Group, which then crosses four Dolomite passes and four Ladin valleys. Ski fun in numbers: 40 km in total length, including 26 km of ski slopes - the rest is by cable car - and can be covered in just one day.


Predoi and Casere sightseeing tour


Predoi is located right in the middle of the most used border area, the so-called Path of the smugglers of the Aurina Valley. If it hadn't been for this Path, the history of our home would probably have been very different. Those who want to follow in the footsteps of the smugglers can tackle the demanding tours through the Alpine passes (in summer). However there is an exciting world to be discovered not only at high altitude, but also deep underground: for example, at the Predoi Mining Museum where, throughout the year, the mining train will take you on an interactive and guided tour of the extraordinary life of miners in the copper mine. You can breathe deeply in the nearby climate centre: not only asthma and allergy sufferers benefit from the pleasant climate. Equally interesting is the hike to the Church of Santo Spirito in Casere, at the end of the Tures and Aurina Valleys.