Hotel Spanglwirt in the Ahrntal | Your holiday in South Tyrol with flair

A place to meet

The Hotel Spanglwirt in Campo Tures, in the Aurina Valley, has a long and interesting history just waiting to be discovered. This place has always drawn all sorts of visitors: spa enthusiasts keen to try out the thermal springs of Bad Winkel; adventurers wishing to climb up to one of the 80 "three thousand metre peaks"; smugglers and “Spangler” (tinsmiths) looking for a new point of view in the main ridge of the Alps.

Welcome to the Hotel Spanglwirt right in the heart of the mountains, a meeting point for travellers from far and wide, loyal guests, local people, and those looking for a place to feel at home.

Going back to our roots Ancient traditions, past times to be relived and experienced with all the senses, new encounters


Get to know the "Teldra" A family that has been charismatic, pragmatic and hospitable for 400 years


Experience pure pleasure At the table with nature: a dish, a glass of something, and a beautiful story

Admire authentic craftsmanshipToday as then: old-fashioned charm, collectibles and unique pieces


The Teldra Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the inhabitants of the Aurina Valley
The Aurina Valley is in a unique setting: surrounded by imposing mountain ranges, but with great open views. You too can become part of our history and write your own here with us at the Hotel Spanglwirt.


Dream | Sleep & Relax

The three essential elements of relaxation - the scent of Swiss pine, cosiness, naturalness - run like an invisible red thread throughout our home. This thread can also be found in our rooms and in the Spanglwirt sauna.


Stube | Restaurant

If you want to know where to find good food, just follow the locals.
You will not have to look for long because you will always find some local people in our restaurant and in the typical Stube, both at lunch and dinner-time.


Menuetti | Fine Dining

We wouldn't be real "Teldras" if we didn't come up with something out of the ordinary. Our Fine-Dining experience will make you discover something entirely different, like our Story-Teller. It will broaden your horizons …


Stoudl 1607

An old "Teldra" saying: “If you have to celebrate, celebrate properly and preferably at the Spanglwirt”.

The host Albert tells …

Our mother was a landlady who truly loved what she did. On Sundays she would always prepare an amazing lunch of several courses for our large family, which included 14 children. She would be delighted if she could see what we have managed to achieve with this house. She made everyone she met feel special. I would like to convey this feeling to all our guests.

Jung Starter Special


01.07.2022 - 16.07.2022

From 3 nights on you get 10% of discount on the whole stay.

7=6 summer profit


16.07.2022 - 30.07.2022

summer profit